buy foot care cream

Finding the best foot cream isn’t as simple as going to a salon and having a foot spa. It requires looking for the best among the hundreds of brands that are available in the market. You also need to have proper patience because caring for the feet is not a one-time procedure only. Just like our face and other parts of the body, our feet also need constant exfoliation. Since exfoliation does not happen very well on its own, we need to constantly scrub our feet to prevent it from developing dry skin that can lead to calluses and cracked heels.

Qualities of a foot cream

Looking for the best foot cream can be quite a challenge if you do not know the qualities which can determine its effectiveness. If you are just a starter, then knowing some tips such as those at can make everything easier for you. For example, if you are suffering from cracked heels, the best foot cream for you will be one with natural ingredients. When you have cracked heels, flesh can be seen on the gaps of the cracks. If you use a foot product with harsh and synthetic ingredients, it can be pretty painful and harsh to the exposed flesh. Foot products with natural ingredients are gentler than the latter mentioned.

Moisturizing effect

You also have to remember that even though you land on the best foot cream in the market, it will do you nothing if you don’t get the complete package of treatments. You have to buy a good exfoliating cream and a moisturizer to seal in the moisture on your feet after your intense exfoliation. You also don’t need to regularly visit a foot clinic just to get a foot spa because you can certainly do it on your own. Just soak your feet in lukewarm water for 10-15 minutes, scrub them using a good exfoliating foot cream, rinse well, and moisturize. Of course, it will never be complete without a good moisturizer to back up your healthy feet regimen. Probably the best foot creams regarding moisturizing are those with Shea butter. Called by many as the king of moisturizing ingredients, this ingredient does wonders in increasing the natural moisture production of the skin. In addition to that, it also works by protecting the skin from harmful outside elements by creating a protective barrier around it much like the Super Sterol liquid.

Ingredient composition

Super Sterol Liquid is one ingredient commonly used on the best foot cream brands. A cholesterol based compound, it does wonder for treating damaged and dry skin by repairing damaged tissues and creating a protective barrier to protect the skin from further problems. Neem oil is another one of a kind ingredient used in foot creams as its Known for its remarkable anti-fungal properties; it is one of the most sought after ingredients in the skin care industry because it also works in being an anti-inflammatory component.

When shopping for foot creams, make sure that you have an exfoliating and a moisturizing foot cream which you can use. Having one without the other is useless because no matter how you exfoliate your feet, if you won’t moisturize it afterwards, then the effect will still not be good. The same also goes for vice versa. If you only concentrate on moisturizing your feet but don’t exfoliate it, then you can’t also hope to have smooth, supple skin with all the dry skin still there.