A wallet is one of the best things that was ever invented. It helps you carry a lot of essential stuff and keep them organized. However, because of the valuable things that are in the wallet, it is usually vulnerable to pickpockets. Sometimes, people misplace them, too. Here is a list of things that you shouldn’t keep in your wallet.


1. Social security card


Your social security number is a key to a lot of important information about you. A thief might be able to access your bank accounts, authorize financial transfers and the like by using your social security. Since you would not be using your physical social security card very often, you should keep it out of your wallet and in a safe place in your house.


2. PIN numbers and passwords

Some people use many different PIN numbers or access codes for their various accounts, thus they have to write them down just for them not to forget all those passwords. If you are one of them, do not keep the list of your PIN numbers and passwords in your wallet. When you misplace your wallet or it gets stolen, all your accounts would easily be accessed by thieves.


3. Birth certificate, marriage certificates, and others


These are very important documents that you should be keeping in a fire-proof, water-proof place in your house. Taking them with you when you do not need them would just allow identity thieves to steal your information and impersonate you.


4. All your credit cards


Credit cards can be used anywhere and anytime you need to pay up something. However, in a single day, you would not need more than one credit card unless you would travel or go on some shopping spree. Even in those times, you might only be needing two or three of them, depending on their limits. To prevent the temptation to spend more and also to avoid being eyed by thieves, only bring one credit card with you, and maybe one debit card.


5. Lots of cash


A fat wallet attracts a lot of temptation, not only from thieves. Keeping a lot of cash in your wallet is useless, space consuming, and also stupid. Unless you would be traveling to a place with no access to modern money transfer technology, keep your cash at home or in your bank.


6. Receipts


One of the things that make a wallet super bulky is the numerous receipts most people keep in there. If you are not going to use them to file for taxes, returns and such, you might as well leave them in your desk drawer at home. Some receipts contain some account and credit card information that could be used by thieves. Note: It would be wise to keep copies of important documents in your wallet. Or, better yet, leave the original papers in a safe place and put the copies in your wallet. You might also want to use slim wallets like the ones at https://trustedaccessories.com/best-slim-wallet-men/ to avoid bringing a lot of unnecessary things with you.