how to choose

Even though we try faking it with the mascaras and the faux sets, nothing beats the exhilarating and eye-opening benefits of an electric eyelash curler. Aside from enhancing the lash length, and allowing your eyes appear brighter, larger and more open, and electric eyelash curler can create a stagy effect to the eyes by extending the eyelashes.
The intimidating and metallic look of the electric eyelashes makes us forget about the tool and opt for alternatives which are not as effective as the latter such as the super soft brushes and fluffy sponges.
The eyelash curler is an essential kit for your daily make-up procedures, and if choosing the right one is leaving you cross-eyed, our guide below will help you in making your review options.

Type of your curler

Different electric eye curlers have been designed to function differently on the different eye shapes.
For instance, the electric wand curlers are the ideal option for the individuals with lots of short, sparse hard-to-curl hair lashes on the inner corners of their eyes. Even though the wand-style electric curlers are not as beginner-friendly, they’re more compact and never pull your lashes or pinch your lids. On the other hand, if you’ve straight and longer eyelashes, the clamp-styled heated curlers are an invaluable option since they produce more intense curls in a shorter span of time.

Curviness of your eyes

When it comes to eyelashes, curves are of utter importance. Electric eyelash curlers tend to vary in curvature, so you want to choose a curler that suits your facial structure. For example, the flatter-curved curlers are ideal, or individuals with flatter eyelids and smaller eyes since the curlers have a not too rounded arch and a flattened curve that allows users to curl directly from the root and can also fit from end to end of your eyelids. On the other hand, those with rounder, bigger eyes, require a deeper curl that wraps well around the eye and grabs all the lashes.

Metal vs plastic

Both materials have their pros and cons, and the best material depends on your usage. Metal is durable, sturdier, and allows you to press harder without breaking it, so it’s ideal for individuals who use the equipment regularly. If you’ve got a sensitive skin/eyes or metal allergy, then the plastic curlers are the next best option. While they are not as sturdy and long-lasting as their metallic counterparts, they tend to be tiny and light, therefore making them compact and portable-perfect for traveling.


Beauty is synonymous with cost; as with any other beauty purchase, the budget is also a big deal in the electric eyelash curlers. Our advice is that you should try to view the curlers as a long-term investment- after all, the curlers might save you from the mascara and falsies in the long run. Also, you cannot really put a price tag on the eyelash confidence. However, do not go for the most expensive eyelash; ensure that you strike a balance between your budget and what addresses your needs.


Depending on the eyelash curler brand, you might enjoy warranty or even lifetime guarantee. Some of the brands even promise new replacements if needed. Now, this is up to you to gauge how significant the warranty is to you. Consider your warranty decision based on some reasonable grounds such as how often you intend to use the curlers and the original price you paid for the curlers. For instance, if you’ve an expensive curler, it might cost you to replace in case they break and have no warranty.