how much turmeric powder per day

Lately, confusion on how much turmeric powder per day should one take and the number of times to take in a day has being on the rise. The main reason for such confusion is how much since turmeric can be taken in many ways including:
• Fresh root turmeric.
• Turmeric root dried powder.
• Tincture.
• Fluid extract.
• Supplement with added curcumin at a certain percentage.

The difference between each various taking method is the curcumin quantity in each. So the question is the much you should take in a day. People also differ in turmeric dosage. Below are some of the researched dosages of turmeric.

How much of turmeric should you take within a day?

1.) Maryland University Medical Center.

Permitted dosages of different turmeric forms for adults are:

  • Cut root – at least 1.5g and maximum 3g in one day.
  • Standardized powder of curcumin – 400mg to 600gm three times in a day.
  • Powdered, dried root – one to three grams each day.
  • Tincture of the ratio 1:2 – 15 to 30 drops four times in one day.
  • Fluid extract of ratio 1:1 – 30 to 90 drops in one day.

Commonly, tinctures and fluid extracts are not used. The other common ones have their meanings below;

Cut root: it is fresh turmeric with some moisture in it. It great in making pickles and added to salads.
Standardized powder which is curcumin: these are supplements. Manufacturers of the supplement extract from turmeric the curcumin then concentrate the extract to form the standardized powders. The concentration is different for different brands.

Dried root: the commonest turmeric using way. Turmeric powder is made through this way through cutting of its root then making it powder. The drying helps loose the moisture which is advantageous though no much damage is caused.

2.) Web Med.
Upset stomach: 500mg turmeric 4 times in a day.
Osteoarthritis: take 500mg 4 times in a day for specific extracts of turmeric such as Indena, Meriva as well as for other non-commercial concentrates.
Rheumatoid arthritis: take twice in a day 500mg, specific turmeric constituent and curcumin from Arjuna Natural Extracts and BCM-95 from India.

3.) Doctor Weil.
Dr. Weil says you may use between 400 mg and 600 mg super extracts for three times in a day. This is for standardized powder only.
In summary, from the above dosages, it is recommended you take only one tablespoon of powder daily.

Benefits of taking turmeric.

1.)Medicinal effects.

Turmeric produces the yellow spice for giving curry color. It has been used as a medicinal herb and a spice. Turmeric contains compounds that have medicinal properties with the most important component called curcumin. This compound is a known strong antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory effects. The content in turmeric is about 3%.

2.)Natural compound of anti-inflammatory.

Inflammation in our body is important. Inflammation aids in fighting any foreign invader to our body and helps repair damages. If not for inflammation, pathogens including bacteria control your body and may kill. Acute inflammation is beneficial but if it turns chronic, it’s dangerous.

3.)Increases capacity of Antioxidant in your body.

The mechanisms resulting in many diseases and aging include oxidative damage. The damage entails free radicals which are very reactive molecules. Curcumin is an antioxidant which neutralizes free radicals and stimulates antioxidant enzymes for the body.