wooden train sets

1.Deluxe Railway Set

This set is very luxurious in a way that it includes almost all transport obsessives such as the boats, cars, buses and also the trucks. The whole kit is made up of 87 pieces which include plastic people, bridges, stations, tunnels, cargo cranes among others. The whole track is made up of wood apart from the toys which are mainly made up of plastic. This would probably be the best wooden train set for gifting because of its simplicity.

2.LIllabo Basic 20 Piece Train Set

It is a very basic wooden train set for gifting especially to young toddlers because of its simplicity since it has only 20 pieces which are easy to set up. For a parent to make it more interesting for his child he can buy more pieces to make it more fun for the kid. Te only disadvantage of this train is that its connectors are made up of plastic hence falling out easily with too much force. Otherwise, it is a very child-friendly toy that is affordable.

3.Tidlo Train Set

It is basically a wooden train set that consist of 100 pieces which includes houses, road signs, plastic people, and also comes with great infrastructure such as the use of roads, bridges, and houses the toys that come with it are brightly colored to attract the attention of any kid. The rails are build in such a way that they have sidings and also a stop to prevent the train from falling off the rail. The 100 pieces are just enough to improve the creativity of the child because with this pieces the child is able to make many shapes and designs of the track while enjoying himself.

4.Dinosaur Train Set.

This is among the dream toys of many toddlers even though it doesn’t come with many pieces, the extras used in this wooden train set really amaze toddlers such as the dinosaurs, the way you can carry your dinosaurs on the back of your train. The extras are multi colored to attract the attention of kids and also comes with a bridge that doubles up as a volcano that is oozing larva and if you are looking for a simple wooden train set for gifting this would just be the best.

5.Adventure Train Set.

This is a classic wooden train set that is designed for the adventurous kids, the great feature that you will be quick to note about it is that it comes with a magnetic crane which helps the child to lift to load and to offload cargo which really fascinates many children. It comes with 100 pieces and a child can easily set up the track including making a bridge which goes around corners. The extras in this include trees, animals, cars, houses, which are brightly colored to capture the interest of kids. If you are looking for a perfect wooden train set for gifting a child who is not too old then this would be the best since it has a relatively cheap price even though it comes with a lot of pieces.